Jan 22, 2010

What to Eat after Working a 12 Hour Night Shift

As a colleague of mine told us over eggs and kegs this morning, we sometimes get banished to work the nights. *Someone* has to take care of patients at nights, and as interns we eventually share that responsibility. It has been a great experience so far—except as many of my friends know—I am not a night person.

In addition, between my three-hour naps, I have been hungry all the time. Enter this breakfast sandwich I made a few days ago with wheat flat bread. I sauteed the remaining mushrooms leftover from our mushroom soup and continued frying them with eggs and some shredded cheese. While the flat bread warmed in our toaster oven (I’m a fan of warm bread), I heated up a few pieces of prosciutto to complete the sandwich. I stacked omelet and prosciutto on to the flat bread and folded it into thirds, just like a letter.

Other variations: eggs with caramelized onions, goat cheese, spinach, and/or green onions.

Off to work in a few hours! Hope you have a lovely Friday.

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